Friday Links

NPR explains why nobody likes the 2016 candidates. Trump has a staggering 30% net unfavorability rating despite being the Republican frontrunner. Hillary’s 11% in the red. And nobody else is doing much better. Bush, Christie, Huckabee, all are more disliked than liked. Only Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, and Ohio’s own John Kasich have positive ratings, and those are very slim.

“Election 2016: Are These the Best We’ve Got?”

In other news, a study found that fully one-third of survey recipients believed that depression is contagious. Um. This isn’t entirely false – being around depression can bring you down, and being down for a long time can lead to something worse – but depression isn’t exactly something you’ll pick up from a handshake, either. Moods are far more contagious than mental illnesses, and that works both ways, so if you’re happy, why not share the wealth?

Speaking of happiness, have a felicitous weekend!

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