This Actually Happened Today

Our story is set at 6:58 a.m. The characters are my wife and me.

And – action!

Betsy: (standing in hall, wanting to know my opinion on the shoes she’s wearing for work today)

Me: (genuinely thinking about it rather than giving a knee-jerk answer) (being pleased with myself as a husband ) Good! Those look good.

Betsy: They’re different shoes.

Me: (getting on floor and squinting to verify the difference) Yes they are. (pointing) That one.

Betsy: (silently re-evaluates her life decisions)

I tell my clients I am “precise and detail-oriented,” so don’t spread this around.

2 responses to “This Actually Happened Today

  1. The Icelandic Prime Minister once wore a brogue and a trainer to a meeting with the US President. So, odd shoes is entirely valid.

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