Friday Links

Remember that thing about the NSA? That thing where every time you called anybody for any reason, they got a record of the call, including your phone number, the number of the person you called, the date and time you called, how long you talked, and approximately where you were located? Oh yeah, that thing.

Well, they’re not doing it anymore. (According to – ahem – the people who were doing it.) The information is still collected, but now it’s just the phone companies who have it, and if the NSA wants it, they have to go get one of those “warrant” things I keep hearing about.

So. Progress.

In other news, there’s something in Japan called a hatsuyume – the first dream you have in the New Year, traditionally on the night of January 1. If you dream about Mount Fuji, an eggplant, and a hawk, it’s supposed to be super good luck.

I’m gonna be honest, that’s never happened to me.

Have a lucky weekend!

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