The B Keeper

My name is Brian Buckley. I am married to Betsy Buckley. My blog buddy is Ben. My Boston buddy is Benasutti. My Batman-reading buddy is Burns.

I’m a Buckeye. I have a bachelor’s degree in binary, bytes, Booleans, and broadband.

My height is Brobdingnagian.

I’m still reading the Bible (slowly).

I like Big Bend National Park, BuffyBabylon 5Bill NyeBreaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, the Big Bang Theory, Braid, Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles, bulldogs, Barack, and Percy Bysshe Shelley. I’d make a beeline for Brent Spiner. I appreciate Bobs Dylan, Seger, Marley, and Kane. I can sing the entirety of Be Prepared.

I went to the National Spelling Bee (twice) and got booted for bungling letters (twice).

My favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine. That doesn’t have a B in it, I’m just telling you.

I read books. Especially books with Bilbo Baggins, balrogs, balefire, Bene Gesserit, or Bean. Also, Bicentennial Man.

I like appropriately sized butts and I cannot lie.

My second-favorite half of the timeline is B.C.

I wanna be a billionaire.



4 responses to “The B Keeper

  1. All that and nothing about boobs??

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