Same Blog, Different Year

Good morning, hypothetical reader. Happy 2016.

I’m going to switch to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for a while. Not that I was consistently posting five days a week before, by any means, but I’m making it official. Need to focus more on editing work this year. This also means Mondays are less likely to be “Transcendence” posts. And of course I still might do Tuesday and Thursday posts sometimes, if I feel like it, especially if it’s something short.

What’s that, hypothetical reader? You couldn’t possibly care less about the intricacies of my blogging schedule? Well, I get it, but you could’ve been nicer. It was the way you said it. I just felt it was rude.

On the plus side, Betsy and I finally finished reading Exodus, so I may have some thoughts about that Wednesday. We’re planning to jump to the New Testament for a bit and read Matthew next. After slogging through the absurdly detailed description of the Tabernacle – and then a later repetition, taken almost verbatim from the first description – well, we weren’t exactly clamoring for Leviticus. But we’ll get there eventually.

I’m off to do some (more) word-wrangling. Have a good year.

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