The Book Purge

You may take it as an axiomatic truth that I have too many books. I look at my bookshelves, which occupy an entire wall, floor to ceiling, and I say things like, “I should really go through these and get rid of some. I’m never going to read them all.”

But then I begin some feeble attempt, and immediately I’m spouting excuses. “But this is a classic.” “But I promised myself I’d read this someday.” “But so-and-so gave this to me.” “But I loved this and I might want to read it again.” “But this is a memento of that time we…” And in the end I toss out one or two, and life goes on.

Not this time. On Saturday I decided I was really for serious going to do it. And do it I did. Here’s what I’m banishing from the house:


[image link]

In case you’re wondering, that is about 150 books, and that’s after I invited my friends to come over and take what they wanted. So these will probably all be going to Goodwill.

And no, you still can’t tell much of a difference when you look at my bookshelves now. And yes, I have heard of eBooks, thank you for asking.

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