In Retrospect…

I should’ve used “inertial dampener” for the Chief O’Brien meme and saved “Heisenberg compensator” for a Breaking Bad joke.

Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.

And if you’re Geordi, hindsight is the only thing that’s 20/20. Zing!

I’m a terrible person.

3 responses to “In Retrospect…

  1. wow, just wow. Poor Geordi, he never saw it coming.

    As for the Breaking Bad comment, Heisenberg was a quantum physicist. He had little/nothing to do with chemistry. Anything else that was good about Breaking Bad was immediately destroyed by that overly used, cliché and ridiculous name. Seriously they couldn’t go with an actual chemist? No, Alfred Nobel? No Curie? They had to steal the name of a famous physicist. To me it’s like he called himself, “Einstein”. Like really we are going to go with that one!

    If we are going to steal from any famous field why not Neil Armstrong, or Kubrik?

    Just so you know it is cool to hate Breaking Bad. Especially if you like physics.

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