I legitimately don’t understand this

Trump: I’ve advocated three separate war crimes. My proposals would violate the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments, as well as the Geneva Convention. I’ve explicitly attacked religious freedom. Ronald Reagan, were he alive, would be horrified by my statements about torture. I’ve demonstrated virtually none of the Christian virtues, such as humility, compassion, forgiveness, or charity. My commitment to fiscal conservatism is tenuous at best. I have the emotional maturity of a three-year-old. If elected, I would be literally the least qualified U.S. president in history. And I say so many factually incorrect things that it’s hard to tell whether I’m lying on purpose or just detached from reality.

Republicans: Well, that’s okay.

Trump: Also, in 2005, I said some awful things about women.

Republicans: WHOA WHOA WHOA

2 responses to “I legitimately don’t understand this

  1. Well said. I like it. A little misrepresented but still. If you legitimately don’t understand maybe I can help. Many Republicans have been saying a soft whoa to one degree or another for awhile now. This last revelation just pushed them over the edge. For the others, it’s all about self preservation. Re-election and all. You don’t expect politics to make logical sense do you?

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