Your news for today

Good morning. Here are today’s top stories.

All wars have been canceled today. Nobody dropped any bombs or fired AK-47s at anyone for any reason.

Also today there have been no murders, assaults,or kidnappings. Nobody tortured anyone or abused anyone. No one made anyone miserable if they could help it.

Additionally, there were no natural disasters. Nobody lost family or property to a hurricane, a tornado, a fire, an earthquake, or a flood.

This morning, everyone who was seriously ill began to feel better, and all are expected to make a full recovery. People with serious addictions are now getting the help they need.

The hungry, the thirsty, and the exhausted all found relief. Everyone, everywhere, who had been forced into slavery, reclaimed freedom. Today all refugees, and all those without shelter, found homes where they could be safe and warm.

Those struggling with depression or self-loathing woke up today to find that the dark clouds had lifted, and they had their old lives back. Those considering suicide decided against it. Everyone who was living in fear is no longer afraid.

Today, no pets or other animals were neglected or hurt on purpose.

All children are loved and know that they are loved.

So far this morning, no politicians anywhere have insulted their rivals or lied to their constituents or promoted ignorance or incited hatred. No religious leaders have suggested attacks on anyone. By all accounts, business executives have refrained from bribery, and have not distorted the truth to their own advantage.

You can feel good about everything that’s happened this morning.

Please enjoy your day.

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