Congratulations, America

We did it.

We elected a man with zero experience. A man who advocates war crimes, who likes torture, who lies pathologically, peddles conspiracy theories, and throws temper tantrums. A man who endlessly parades his racism, sexism, and chronic ignorance. A man who’s vowed to chip away at the Bill of Rights and the Geneva Convention. A man with no credible solutions to any of our major problems.

Go team.

Is there a word that means “surreal” and “horrible” at the same time? All I can think of is “Kafkaesque,” but that isn’t quite right.


I’m not so much depressed that he’s going to be our next president. If we can survive the Civil War and the Great Depression, we can survive this. But I’m depressed that we chose him. I’m embarrassed for us as a country.

Impeachment doesn’t give me a lot of hope either. I think it’s fairly likely he will commit impeachable offenses, but if he does, I think (1) a Republican-controlled Congress isn’t terribly likely to convict, and (2) Pence isn’t much better.

Any silver linings here?

Maybe one. This election is like a kid who finds a moldy, soggy bread crust on the ground and just has to eat it. The grown-ups keep saying no, but he finally manages to wolf it down. It’s going to be pretty awful for the kid, sure. But he just might learn something about eating moldy soggy bread crusts he finds on the ground. He might be better off in the long run.

I can hope, anyway.

Whatever happens in the next four years, I doubt it will be boring.

4 responses to “Congratulations, America

  1. God is in control, when the people show actions that are not against what His words say. Killing a child, males allowed in the rest rooms with our females. And so much more. Comin sense shows that a women was going to take control and say YES ….let us be free… That is enough for me to make a vote on two unauthorized humans in office for presidant. I believe this is the last Oresidant election of this time on earth.

  2. Hey Brian Commiserations from Scotland. I stayed up all night to watch the results and by the end of it I along almost all my friends was broken by this decision .

    As you say your country has survived harder nights than this and one day it will be in the hands of a President who can and will make America great again. That President will not be Donald J Trump.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X

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