The Federalist Capers — Issue no. 1


My friend Paul and I have started a monthly newsletter called The Federalist Capers (aren’t we clever?) about the state of the union, post-Election Day.  The first issue is available now. For those who subscribe to the paper version, you should be getting yours via snail mail shortly.

Why a newsletter?

For one thing, looking over the news of the past month — as opposed to reacting to news on a daily basis — forces Paul and me to consider what’s most important (like Trump’s Cabinet picks and his conflicts of interest) and what’s sideshow (like the Hamilton thing). Fitting all the news, commentary, and suggested actions into a single page (front and back) forces us to narrow our focus even further.

But beyond that, I think it’s good for all of us to be reminded now and then that this is not normal and this is not okay. No, he’s not President yet, but he’s already done (and failed to do) a lot of things worth talking about. And a newsletter is another way to keep these discussions alive — a little different format than the blog, engaging brains in (hopefully) a little different way.

How long will we keep this up? Not sure yet. Maybe only a couple of issues, maybe years. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, enjoy Issue no. 1!

2 responses to “The Federalist Capers — Issue no. 1

  1. thanks for providing a digital form!

    I particularly liked the part outlining the currently named administrative positions. There has been loads of articles our there talking about how unqualified some of the picks are. I agree that some seem unqualified, but no knowing what previous cabinets looked like, I’m having trouble distinguishing between genuinely unqualified and trump invoked media hysteria. I’m planning to spend some time soon going over previous presidents cabinets to learn more about them so I have a better idea of what a ‘qualified’ cabinet member looks like (or at least what they’ve been for the past few presidents)

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