PSA about PMA

This is a public service announcement.

Spellcheck will not help you if…

  • You misspell “public” as “pubic”
  • You misspell “manager” as “manger”
  • You misspell “assess” as “asses”

If your document is something important, you may want to Ctrl+F for this troublesome trio before hitting Send.

7 responses to “PSA about PMA

  1. LOL 😆 Now I am curious as to what document / lines prompted this PSA!

  2. I typically start emails with “Hello, “. I’ve misspelled that and sent “Hell, ” before. that was fun.

  3. Wait. You mean that “IPO” doesn’t mean “Initial Pubic Offering”?

    I’m going to have to reevaluate some of my investment decisions… 🙂

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