Fractal calendars for sale!


My good friend (and esteemed man of maths) Benjamin R. Trube is now selling 2017 fractal calendars. Like a geometric demiurge, he generated each fractal personally.

You can grab one here.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Brian, why should I buy a 2017 calendar? At the rate things are going, the world will end in a few months.”

It’s a valid concern. But fortunately, every purchase of a fractal calendar (till the end of December) means an automatic $2 donation to ProPublica, an independent nonprofit that does quality investigative journalism. They’re one of the good guys, and if we support the good guys (and ladies) enough, we might just keep this planet in one piece after all.

More importantly, if you buy the calendar, I absolutely 100% guarantee that you will feel exactly like this:


Has anyone else noticed that ‘Elsa’ is an anagram of ‘sale’?

On the other hand, if you’re deprived of a Calendar, you might feel like this:


Buffy fans: Too soon?

Anyway. Uplifted souls, good journalism, support a starving artist gainfully employed computer programmer.

Here’s that link again.

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