New site:

A lot of my writing and other work has been scattered around the Internet for a long time. I’ve finally completed a project to collect all of it (well, a lot of it) into one organized place.

The six categories (right now) are Fiction, Nonfiction, Poems, Art & miscellaneous, Buffy, and Other fan art.

Most of it is links to content hosted elsewhere (including this blog), but some of it is hosted right there, and is seeing the light of day for the first time.

Highlights include: the full text of my first three novels, the entire archive of the webcomic Pat and I created in college, and way, way too many drawings of Avatar characters.

Here’s the link:

I’ve also permanently added it to the blog sidebar.

Let me know what you think!

2 responses to “New site:

  1. Hooray! The first time I found this blog (what was it, 3 years ago?) I was seeking more of your poetry and short stories. While I’ve grown to enjoy randomly reading about your life and stalking you on the internet via your blog (I don’t know if that really counts as stalking, but…) I love the prospect of being able to find all of my favorite poems/short stories from you in an organized fashion. Cheers from Colorado, and if I happen to lurk for the next week instead of posting comments, Herry Chrisyear! (Happy New Year + Merry Christmas) 🙂

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