Crane Girl progress update

I finished Part III of the first draft today! Getting very close to finishing the whole thing.

Here’s an excerpt from the draft-in-progress:

It was a dim and storm-fraught evening. The grayish sky pulsed scintillatingly, like a layer of grayish Jell-O smeared with generous abandon across all the vaulted dome of the skiey firmament. It was like, wow. That’s some gray sky.

The girl, Miss Crane — whilst operating the crane machinery — craned her neck to see the feathered crane flying by. She loved the shape of its skull, especially its cranium.

“Hey Stork Dame,” crowed Maxwell Folger, the stormy-coiffed Designated Love Interest (DLI), snatching her irreverently from her reverie. “Who’s your favorite author?”

“The guy that wrote Red Badge of Courage,” she articulated.

“And who’s your favorite Batman character?”

“The dude who turned into the Scarecrow,” she ventilated.

“And what’s your favorite source for hydration?”

She cogitated extemporaneously. “Well …”

Okay, but seriously though, I did finish Part III today. And it doesn’t use the word scintillatingly even once.

That’s what revision is for.

6 responses to “Crane Girl progress update

  1. I loved your excerpt! The only thing I would change is the word “grayish”. It should be “pale”.

  2. Nice,but what about the extempore thing?

  3. So when can we expect the sequel?

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