End of an era

As a computer programmer and former IT professional, I always need to be on the cutting edge of technology. So I’m excited to announce that I’ve replaced my flip phone (left), a model I’d been using for over a decade. My new device is something called a “smartphone” (right).

If you keep up on the latest gadgets, you may have heard about smartphones already. This particular model is known as an “iPhone.” The “i” stands for “impossible to flip closed.” Let me tell you, they’re not kidding about that one.

These are early days, but my first impressions are mostly positive. You can access the internet (!), take videos, and install one or more of something called an “app,” which I assume is short for “Appa.” And, while my old phone did have touchscreen capabilities, the new phone does things when you touch the screen. I’m wary of this feature, mindful of what happened the last time I touched something the size and shape of a mousetrap, but so far bone breakage has been minimal.

If anyone has any questions about this new technology, fire away. I’m a very sophisticated tech guru, but I’ll do my best to dumb it down to terms you can understand.

5 responses to “End of an era

  1. nooooooooo! you were my last hope! also iphone?

  2. I think it has to do with elitism and cost. Apple products are good, but they tend to charge a premium for their service. They also have somewhat of a stigma associated from a technical standpoint that they are tools for people who don’t know or care about technology.

    With that being said most of our developers use Macs for programming nowadays, as they provide ease of use. But they definitely have a hefty price tag. The laptop I use for work runs about 5 grand with all the peripherals. Whereas a windows or linux machine with the same level of specs wouldn’t even cost 1k. Basically, I would never buy one for myself, but it is nice to have.

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