Brian answers: Young and old

The next two questions come from Dave, who is my dad, and thus part of the reason I’m so freakishly tall and bad at singing.

You being a writer and editor, and now a father, have you given any thought about writing a children’s book?

I haven’t, which is strange in retrospect, because it does seem like a good fit. I’m not great at drawing, but I bet I could whip up some cool illustrations in Paint.NET.

The ideas are coming to me already:

  • Kosh’s ABCs (spoiler: V is for Vorlon)
  • Why You’re So Small and Bad at Things
  • Let’s Count to a Googolplex

Seriously though, a kids’ book would be an intriguing challenge.

The hard part would be getting it published. From what I hear, the market for children’s books at the national level is extremely competitive. And that’s compared to the market for novels, which is already very difficult to break into. Most likely I’d have to find a small press, or self-publish, or make something just for Evan. And that’d be fun, too.

Second question:

Have there been occasions that have caused you to feel old yet?

Betsy and I often joke that we were born old, and we’re only half joking. We tend to stay home on weekends. We don’t like loud music. We don’t care about sports, or concerts, and we try to avoid parties. I only got a smartphone for the first time this month. I make noises when I sit down or stand up. I’ve always been forgetful about day-to-day stuff.

So at one level, I don’t feel too old, because I never did a lot of the things people associate with youth. (Wow, that came out more depressing than I intended.)

I guess it hits me most when I find out that stuff from my childhood happened a long time ago. Like — Star Trek: First Contact came out twenty years ago. How is that possible? It came out in the 90s! Yeah, it turns out the 90s were twenty years ago.

The actor currently playing Spider-Man was five years old when the first Spider-Man came out.

There are adults who aren’t old enough to remember 9/11.

Yeah. So, I try not to think too hard about stuff like that. 🙂 Everything changes.

Anyone who hasn’t asked a question yet, fire away!

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