Favorite words (addendum)

I was recently asked what some of my favorite words are, and I gave a brief list that hit a few of the highlights. Ever since, more and more cool words are coming to me. So here’s an addendum with a bunch more favorites. (This, likewise, could easily be ten times as long, given more hours for contemplation.)

Originally I was planning to explain the meaning of every single one, and why I like it. But life is busy, so I’ll have to present the list unadorned, aside from a few links. Maybe I’ll circle back to some of these in the future.


  • ambergris
  • anathema
  • anserine
  • apophenia
  • armada
  • ataraxia
  • bergschrund
  • betwixt
  • cachalot
  • callipygian
  • chanticleer
  • chaoskampf
  • chthonic
  • cloaca
  • contrapositive
  • desultory
  • deuterocanonical
  • diadem
  • ersatz
  • exegesis
  • firmament
  • fusillade
  • fussbudget
  • genuflect
  • gnosis
  • gubernatorial
  • heretofore
  • ineluctable
  • insipid
  • lapidary
  • lieu
  • nocebo
  • numinous
  • O
  • orrery
  • pariah
  • penultimate
  • peripatetic
  • quark
  • quaternary
  • quicksilver
  • seraphim
  • schlub
  • sidereal
  • skullduggery
  • sunder
  • syzygy
  • tardigrade
  • vindicate
  • widdershins

5 responses to “Favorite words (addendum)

  1. What about “covfefe”?

    …I like it

  3. Even before I clicked on the link, I was pretty sure what the “fussbudget” link was going to go to. 🙂

    (That’s where I learned the word.)

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