RE: Stuff

Not far from where I live, there’s a store called Cigars N Stuff.

I love this name. It’s simultaneously so specific and so vague, so mundane and so ambitious. They’re saying that what might be in their store is the mathematical union of the sets {cigars} and {literally anything}. I can’t help being intrigued.

It’s like: “What’s in that store? Cigars and what else?”

“Not sure. Maybe Gouda cheese, or badminton rackets, or a lapis lazuli base-seven abacus. Possibly a Heisenberg compensator, or Season 3 of Avatar on Betamax, or a monopole, or Proxima Centauri, or the hedonic treadmill.”

“But definitely rolled-up tobacco?”

“Definitely that, yes.”

4 responses to “RE: Stuff

  1. reminds me of linens & things.

  2. You sound so much like me it’s scary. I suspect they are referring to cigar related stuff. But maybe not.

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