Maybe scientists should fight fire with fire

YOUR CHILD is safe from horrible diseases like measles and polio…….right???

NO CHILD in Modern America still gets tetanus….Right??!?

What if I told you those diseases still exist……..and “THEY” knew about it all along?

WHAT IF I told you that a CABAL OF GOVERNMENT SCIENTISTS, funded by YOUR TAX DOLLAR$$, came up with a quick, SAFE,, CHEAP way to prevent those HORRIBLE diseases…….and its over 90% effective?!

Senator’s kids get this LIFE-SAVING medicine. Wa$hington FAT CATS get this life saving medicine. OBAMA“S KIDS got this life saving medicine. Shouldnt your children get it too????

When was the last time you see any body get SmallPox anymore? hmmm…. put it together SHEEPLE!

WE the PEOPLE‘ are not going to live in fear any more!!

WE The PEOPLE” are going to get the protecion we deserve!

If you ask your Dr, he is required to give you the medicine!!!

Stop letting POLITICIAN$ get better care than YOUR BABY! Demand that this “SECRET” science be made available for EVERY BODY!!

“For an angel of the LORD went down at a certain season, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had” ~JOHN 5;4~

SEND this to 14 friends… relatives…. loved ones….. b4 its too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 responses to “Maybe scientists should fight fire with fire

  1. Amen, Brother Brian! Preach that truth!

  2. Dude… you’re just sending up flares for the black helicopters now!

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