What do you want?

In Babylon 5, there’s a really shady dude named Mr. Morden. How shady? Well, he works for the Shadows and his name means death, so, y’know, pretty shady.

Mr. Morden would like to talk to you about his Associates.

Anyway, Mr. Morden goes around asking everyone the same question:

What do you want?

Sometimes, people don’t give the true answer right away. Sometimes they don’t even know. It takes time and patience and cleverness to dig up a heart’s profoundest desire.


And then there’s the guy I saw this morning, driving a car whose rear window was emblazoned in gold letters with the following:


That, I thought to myself, is a man who knows what he wants. I had to admire, just a little, the sheer clarity of vision.

Booty n pizza.

Can you and your Associates arrange that for me, Mr. Morden?

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