Help, I’m prospering!

The blog returneth.

What do you do when wonderful things rain down on you like an avalanche, when your blessings pile so high and demand so much attention that it actually stresses you out? Celebrate? Complain? Not much time for either right now. Life is crazy busy, but it’s all good stuff.

Here’s what’s new:

  • I’m waist-deep in my latest copyediting project for MIT Press, a long but really interesting book that’s pushing my part-time freelancing up to about 30 hours a week. Which may not sound like much, except …
  • I’ve also got other freelancing stuff in the works, including a project for McGraw-Hill, ongoing collaborations with several indie authors, and another really exciting opportunity that I can’t talk about quite yet. And besides all that …
  • I’m still watching Evan part-time during the day, which is occasionally exhausting, but the kid’s just amazing. I mean, not like he has superpowers or anything (afaik), it’s just the usual parental excitement, but it’s really, really cool. He can walk outside with me now, stomping around in his little shoes. He can flip light switches. He points at electrical outlets and says “outlet” (well, “ow-leh” anyway). He correctly identifies Australia on a world map with a success rate that is lower than 100%, but decidedly higher than random pointing. I love him so much. Besides which …
  • Betsy and I are exercising more, which I like, partly because it gives us a chance to watch The Good Place (we just finished the final available episode last night). It’s an odd comedy that’s nominally about heaven (“the Good Place”) and hell (“the Bad Place”), but really about morality, ethics, and human relationships. A lot (all?) of the ethical stuff is really simplistic, but it does get me thinking about what Right and Wrong really mean, to the point that I pulled Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature off the shelf last night. Also, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. (The show, I mean. Not a lot of humor in Hume. (See what I did there?))
  • All the assorted craziness (only a fraction of which is mentioned above) means I’ve had little time for Crane Girl in the past two weeks, but nevertheless I feel like I’ve got a lot of momentum there. I was doing a ton of revision before the MIT Press project started, and I expect I’ll get back to it once the project’s over in mid-March.

I know, I know. I put the blog on hold because life was getting too busy, and now, just as the blog’s returning, I’m even busier than before. C’est la vie. We’ll see how it goes.

Blah, blah, blah. I’m boring myself. Tell me about you. You never call, you never write! (Except those of you who call and/or write, you know who you are.)

Tell me, hypothetical reader: what, indeed, are the haps?

5 responses to “Help, I’m prospering!

  1. Glad to see your blog is back! I have missed it.

    Well, let’s see…the disaster that is Trump continues. You have probably been too busy to notice.

    Spring is arriving in Texas. Very important. Robins are headed your way.

  2. Black Panther is a great movie, you should watch it, if you haven’t

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