What’s the oldest movie you’ve seen?

I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago, for reasons I don’t recall. My first thought was Disney’s Snow White (1937), but after a little quality time with Google, I think the real answer is the original King Kong, which came out in 1933 — back when audible dialogue was still an exciting new development in the cinematic world.

What’s the oldest movie you’ve seen?

Alternate question: If I wanted to break my 1933 record, what film would you recommend? I’ve never seen anything with Charlie Chaplin, any suggestions there?

4 responses to “What’s the oldest movie you’ve seen?

  1. I love watching Buddy and Vilma Ebsen dance to “Sing Before Breakfast” from “Broadway Melody of 1936”. It doesn’t beat the age of your oldest movie, but all the earlier ones I can think of are pretty awful, with the firm exception of “It” with the charismatic Clara Bow. I saw this silent film in the old El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, accompanied by a live orchestra, which was pretty darned cool.

  2. The original Frankenstein movie was made in 1931. Not bad for the time period. A must see just because it is such a classic.

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