Still not sorry

“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore feat. Elsa

As you can see, my Frozen obsession continues apace. Also, this is the third (yes, the third) time I’ve done a mashup of “Thrift Shop” with a fictional universe. It’s possible I have a problem.

But I’m happy with how the drawing turned out. Art has never been my strong suit, but I like making it occasionally. Lately I’ve been practicing how to draw Disney style — specifically, how to draw the Disney princess head in profile. I’ve filled several sheets with sideways-looking heads, gradually getting less bad as I go. My main teacher was this tutorial, which was very useful.

If Elsa still looks a bit odd, that may be partly because the Frozen characters’ facial proportions are a bit different than “standard” Disney (Belle, for example). Even in the movie, her profile seems a little strange.

On the right is my attempt at breaking down the head into its constituent shapes and lines, using the tutorial as a guide. Having a framework like that makes the whole thing much easier. Not like that’s a shocking revelation (HEADLINE: Artists construct complex drawings from simpler structures; details at eleven) but using a formal-ish approach like this is new for me, and I’m liking it so far.

Hm … I said I was going to talk more about Evan, didn’t I? Welp. It’s clear where my priorities lie. Kids’ movies: more interesting than kids?? Details at eleven.


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