Quick note re: civility

Still very busy, wish I had more time to talk about this, but I’ll throw out a quick note about members of the Trump administration being refused service and getting heckled while going about their private lives.

I’ll put aside the question of whether business owners and the general public have the right to do this sort of thing — which I think is a complicated subject — and focus on whether they should. That one is much simpler.

Let people eat in peace. Let people have their private lives. Not because they deserve it, but because we are human beings living in a society. Because we are already divided more than enough. Because it hinders the path to a more civilized democracy. Because we shouldn’t use Trump’s us-versus-them mindset to oppose Trump’s policies.

When a restaurant owner ejected Sarah Huckabee Sanders from the building, it was at least done politely. I still don’t agree with that choice, but politeness is a good start. Other members of the administration have been heckled and harassed with much less respect, and I think that’s very sad.

Take Stephen Miller, for example. Miller has somehow done the impossible: he has managed to make me despise him more than Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter. I am convinced the laws of physics must have been broken somewhere to allow that to happen. And yet — he is still a person, still a part of our society. Does he deserve respect? Not particularly. But it’s not really about him, is it? By offering him civility, we improve ourselves, and we improve each other. The goal, remember, is to be better than dudes like him.

I have somehow managed to (1) ramble on longer than intended and (2) get on a preachy soapbox. C’est la vie.

Back to editing.

2 responses to “Quick note re: civility

  1. I’m torn on this. Denying service to a public servant/figure because of politics feels like a form of peaceful civil protest to me. Sara chose to be a public figure and chose to align herself with the current administration and she should be aware of the consequences. At the same time, we all deserve isolation in terms of our work and personal lives.

    At the very least , I think this really shows how tense things are right now in this country. I am positive that these sort of incidents could be avoided if we had a president that was less trump. Previous presidents on both sides have made equally impactful/controversial political decisions as Trump…he just conducts himself in a pompous/arrogant/ignorant/foolish way. I’m sure most of it is intentional, but I don’t support such forms of strategy.

    • I confess I’m a bit torn as well. And you’re right, it’s a form of peaceful civil protest. But I’d say that not all such protest is automatically a good thing, just as not all free speech is automatically good speech.

      I think I’d be more sympathetic to the people doing these things if it was the *only* way to get the point across. But there are a thousand ways to protest, and Sanders has already heard the arguments against Trump’s policies more than pretty much anyone else alive.

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