Still crazy busy …

… which means less blogging time, per yuʒ. But it’s better to have too much work than not enough.

At least, I think it is.

Have an excellent day.

4 responses to “Still crazy busy …

  1. total non sequitur, but would you ever consider using the interrobang punctuation? I just listened to a podcast about it, and I love it. “!?” seems to express the same thing, but I feel the interrobang is a bit more elegant.

    • “Interrobang” means the “‽” symbol, right? I think I prefer the boring old “?!” in this case, but I do like weird little idiosyncrasies of language like that. For instance, using the “grave” accent in poetry to emphasize a syllable that you normally wouldn’t — like “They ran with wingèd speed.”

      • yea! that one! I didn’t realize the grave symbol did that in poetry!

        the interrobang kinda reminds me Knuth’s up-arrow notation in math (though I feel interrobang could be used much more commonly, particularly in dialog). up-arrow notation expresses existing mathematical operations (just like ! and ? already exist in language), but in a more concise manner. It’s very useful when discussing super massive numbers, but doesn’t seem to have much value otherwise. up-arrow notation does seem more useful in general, since it can replace several characters, while the interrobang seems to only replace 2. I guess you could argue the interrobang could also replace “?!?!?!?!…”

      • The up-arrow notation is my very favorite. Mostly because it lets us have Graham’s Number.

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