Nooo outlet!


Outlet safety is not a joke.

Evan’s been obsessed with electrical outlets for a long time. “Outlet” (“ow-leh”) was one of his first words — I’m not kidding.

But lately we’ve been reading a book that shows, among other things, a baby looking at an outlet and the word “No!”

So now, every time he sees one, he shakes his head and says “No … outlet.” He looks at me and adds gravely, “No way. No … outlet!” His expression is like Daddy, are you getting this? Serious business. (In the photo above he’s actually saying something different, but it’s close enough.)

Electrical safety has become an area of major concern in our household, especially in the two-and-under demographic.

Of course, after delivering this dire counsel, he then goes over and touches them anyway. But you can’t expect miracles.

6 responses to “Nooo outlet!

  1. This has been a PSA from Evan, your local outlet safety announcer. 🙂

  2. A pretty classic case of “Do as I say, don’t do as I do.”

  3. Aww cute! Maybe he just cares about your safety, Brian. 🙂

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