The Crane Girl 20/20 pledge

I’m hereby making a pledge I call “20/20”: If and when I ever make any money on Crane Girl, I will donate all the money to Doctors Without Borders, up to the first $20,000. Then, I’ll donate 20% of anything after that, no matter the amount.

Now, just to be clear —

  • I’ve been working on this thing for years, and it’s still not finished yet.
  • When I do finish it, a publishing deal is far from certain (although if I can’t find a traditional publisher, I’ll consider self-publishing).
  • If I do get published, receiving $20,000 is awfully optimistic.

Still, I’m putting this out there now, mainly to hold myself accountable. It’s harder to change your mind, or forget, when other people know about it too.

Okay. Let’s see if I can get some revision done today!

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