The last month has been a whirlwind, and the next month will be a whirlwind too. I can’t get into a lot of details yet, but life in Buckleyland has been changing — a lot. Good changes, but stressful at the moment. We’ll be glad when it’s over. And of course it’s been Christmas time too, so that’s added to the frenzy (but in a positive way). Christmas is more fun with kids, and we went to visit Betsy’s sister for the holiday, so we had a total of three munchkins’ worth of fun. Also, yesterday we got to see my friend Pat and his family for the first time in ages, which was likewise great and featured two munchkins’ worth of fun.

It’s been a little over a month since my last blog entry. Strange that the times in life that you most want to write about, allow the least time for writing. In closely related news, it’s been a little over a month since I last worked on Crane Girl. Just yesterday I finally picked it up again and re-read my new draft. Still excited about it. Maybe I’ll have some time to work on it today.

Here’s a picture of Evan, to prove that we still have him:

He continues to be wonderful.

As for me, I just finished reading the gigantic nonfiction book Why Nations Fail, which is excellent but probably could’ve been about half as long (spoiler: nations fail when citizens don’t get to participate in the government or the economy), as well as the complete short stories of Oscar Wilde (also excellent). My latest book is a fabulous Christmas present called The Oxford Handbook of Eschatology (yes, really).

Have a lovely day, hypothetical reader, and a better-than-satisfactory weekend. I’ll keep you updated — sooner or later. Good luck with your own personal whirlwind(s). Happy New Year!


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