Hey Brian, how about that new Frozen 2 trailer

In cinematographic terms, I would categorize the artistic, musical, directorial, and other qualities of the aforementioned film sample as being — *consults dictionary* — “hella sweet.” And potentially “righteous.”

Okay, for real though, this is way better than I was expecting. I was all set to be disappointed, but early indications are that they’ve nailed it. My biggest complaint by far about the original Frozen is that Elsa’s too passive, and that glitch now seems emphatically fixed. Plus, did you notice that the background music is a new rendition of the same song that played in the intro to the first movie, and during Elsa’s coronation? Of course you did.

I still think they could totally work in a scene like this one somewhere in there. They wouldn’t even have to pay me for the rights.

I mean, not a lot.

Maybe a lot.

I want to see Frozen 2.

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