What friends are for

Last night I texted my good friend Benjamin R. Trube, Esq., III, and mentioned that I was feeling a bit sick and going to bed early. (Don’t worry, I’m fine.) He texted me back “Feel better soon.”

He could’ve stopped there. No one would’ve blamed him for it.

But, because he is Benjamin R. Trube, Esq., IV, he went the extra mile and followed up with this:

At least you’re not a 14 year old boy forced to fight in a giant biomechanical robot for a dad who abandoned you.

And you know what?

He’s right.

Thank you, Benjamin R. Trube, Esq., V.

P.S. He’s referencing Neon Genesis Evangelion, but part of me thinks it’s funnier without the context.


2 responses to “What friends are for

  1. I think it’s definitely funnier as a totally random point of comparison – as if that’s an oppressed minority group that isn’t receiving enough attention from people who aren’t in that situation.

    At least you’re not a two-centuries-old vampire cursed that every woman he falls in love with will die, often immediately, including, eventually, the witch who cursed you.

    I do have to ask about the number sequence thing, though. 🙂

    • Our top story tonight: In the US and Canada alone, an estimated 3.5 million fourteen-year-old boys are forced to fight in giant biomechanical robots for fathers who abandoned them. Who are they fighting? How much do the robots cost? Why is no one talking about this? What happens when the boys turn fifteen? We’ll investigate these and other questions in our new nightly feature, “Teen Mech Trainwreck.”

      I love it. 😀

      The number sequence was just a goofy thing I did for fun.

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