Writing is a journey…

…and this blog is an experiment.

I’ve done a couple of blogs before, about non-writing stuff, and the problem was always time. Blogs can be awful time sinks if you let them, and sooner or later, I always got to the point where the time costs outweighed the pleasures. So with this blog, I’m going to keep the posts short for the most part. That should help.

Another thing that should help is that I’m going to write about writing. Writing is something I care deeply about, and I hope that passion will fuel the blog.

(When did society reach the point where someone can write “passion will fuel the blog” and be serious about it? Anyhow…)

One thing I’m not willing to sacrifice is a consistent posting schedule. I want to update every weekday. Daily updates are good for my readers, and they’re good for me, too. If I didn’t have a consistent schedule, I wouldn’t update, and then the blog just becomes a bigger and bigger ball of guilt in the back of my brain.

And nobody wants that.

So – yeah. Blog about writing. Short posts, writing-centric, consistent updates. That about covers it for Day One.

One response to “Writing is a journey…

  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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