The State of the Book

So the book I’m working on now is a sci fi novel called The Counterfeit Emperor. The draft is complete, currently 50% of the way through its second round of revision. It’s around 110,000 words at the moment, will likely crest at about 120,000 as I add new scenes and details, then hopefully drop down again toward the end. The plan is to finish the current revision, do another quick pass for copyediting and other minor fixes (should lose at least a few thousand words there, just by tightening sentences) and then send it out to the beta readers again. If the feedback is positive, then I’ll tweak whatever needs tweaking and send it off. If not…well, we’ll see.

I said it’s 50% complete, and that means exactly 50%, not 51% or 49% – I’m tracking my progress by page count on a sort of “loading screen” progress bar taped to a kitchen cabinet. Just reached the 50 mark last night. What what!!

(Do people actually say “what what?” I started saying it as a joke and now I don’t even know what its deal is. How much of my lexicon now is strictly ironic?)

So. The state of the book is, uh, good. This is not my first try at a novel (nor – sshhh – my second), and I’ve been working on it longer than I’d care to admit, but I’ve got a good feeling. I’m making awesome progress, and the stuff I’m writing now is a lot better than anything I’ve written before. I think someday soon I’ll get to kick it out of the house so it can start earning its own way in the world…and then I can finally start something new!

2 responses to “The State of the Book

  1. Please don’t hate me for this, but generally speaking this is ‘what what’ comes to mind 😛

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