Friday Links

Welcome, hypothetical reader! Take your shoes off, this is a holy place. What? No, I’m kidding. Track in the mud. Can’t get any dirtier than it already is. This is about to get real, people. It’s link time.

First, a quick update on Chuck Wendig’s weekly writing prompts. I’m excited to report that Chuck picked my story “Scissors With Running” as one of the top five stories for the Uncharted Apocalypse challenge (no, really!) and he is graciously giving me a copy of his eBook “250 Things You Should Know About Writing” as a prize. Awesome – thanks, Chuck! This week’s challenge is The Flea Market, and I plan to give it a shot.

In other news, amid all the tearful eulogies on Borders, here’s one author who isn’t sorry to see them go.

A great post on dealing with rejection. I tend to think of rejection as something that happens to writers who haven’t “made it” yet, but James Moran reminds us that established, successful writers can be rejected even more than newbies. If writing is the life you want, you’re going to get rejected, full stop. Embrace the chaos.

I’m OCD about grammar, and this comic totally calls me out on it. Love it.

Okay, this is kind of crazy: I’ve actually considered making this website myself, and today I found out someone else has done it for me. A list of all the books with titles that come from lines in Hamlet? Yes please. David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is probably the most famous of these.

Stephen King explains how Lord of the Flies influenced him as a kid. When King talks about writing, I listen, and this was fascinating reading for me.

Check out the worst sentence of 2011.

Here’s a list of the best authors by state in the U.S.A. Very interesting stuff. I didn’t know Lois Lowry is from Hawaii!

That’s all I have for writing links. In the non-writing-related category we have…

Like all the best Onion articles, this one is funny and sad and true: “Last Male Heir To Bloodline Watches Movie Alone On Laptop.”

Want an interactive panoramic view of the Space Shuttle Discovery’s flight deck? Of course you do.

NPR says a Denver newspaper has hired a professional marijuana critic. NPR would say that. Those commies!

And finally, courtesy of Nathan Bransford: this photo from ComicCon is perhaps the most awesome picture I have ever seen. That is all.

Have a terrific weekend; failing that, don’t burn your house down; failing that, toast some marshmallows on the smoldering ruins of your homestead. Mmm…s’mores.

See you on Monday!

4 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Congrats on the win! I wish I had entered, but couldn’t find the time.

    You’re going to love “250 Things” I love reading one of the lists before writing. It’s really encouraging.

  2. en re: the Hamlet-related book titles –

    Awesome list! 🙂 For something truly dorky, I took the “Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel” line as inspiration for the name of my WoW guild (Steelbound). The whole point of the guild is to be small and tight-knit, so I thought it fitting, and I’m a Hamlet geek.

    Have you seen the Tennant-as-Hamlet & Stewart-as-Claudius version of Hamlet? I thought it had a few nice touches.

    (PS: yes, I came here from Coffee with Sargeras.)

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