Your Secret Mission

You are a secret agent. Though you operate in a world of cynicism, greed, and dreary materialism, you actually work for the other guys. You smuggle in notions of poetry and purpose. You hope for hope and you love love, and someday, when the moment’s right, you’re going to open these people’s eyes. But for now, you walk among them like an ordinary peon, and nobody knows the truth.

It’s okay. I won’t blow your cover. I work for them too.

This morning, I have an assignment for you. I know you have a lot of undercover work going on, and maybe you don’t have time. If so, we understand. This is strictly optional.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Look around you, right now, and pick out something that strikes you as beautiful. Then report back here and tell us what it is. That’s it – that’s all you have to do.

For me, it’s this wonderful piece my mom painted, titled “Sunburst.” I still need to hang it up.


It’s dark in here this morning; the photo doesn’t do it justice. But I love it because of the richness of the background, the contrast of the fiery orange with the deep blue, the brightness and the darkness, and the slightly nonrealistic style of the flowers, whimsical yet proud. And, of course, I love it because she made it.

But you don’t have to pick something like a piece of art that was designed to be beautiful. It can be some ordinary object, or the shape of a shadow, or anything. Don’t worry about what someone else would think of it. They’re the other guys. They don’t understand. We’ve entrusted this mission to you.

You don’t have to take a photo (unless you want to). Just describe what you see. Encourage your fellow agents with your success.



10 responses to “Your Secret Mission

  1. Sorry to be boringly cliched, but the most beautiful thing in my house is my two boys sleeping soundly in their bedroom.

    My eldest boy is four and a half, and is lying on his back sleeping peacefully, surrounded by stuffed animals and favourite books. My youngest is eight months old, lying on his tummy in hos cot nearby. Every now and then, one of them mumbles in his sleep and the other replies in kind. There’s nothing more amazing.

  2. @Jo-
    That’s not cliche, that’s lovely. 🙂

    Your mom is very talented! That’s a gorgeous painting.

    For me, right now, the hands-down most beautiful thing is the autumn foliage. I can’t stop marveling at it, as silly as that seems. Everything’s going gold and copper, but there’s still some green, and the layers are stunning.

  3. Alright. I’m not sure if this fits the requirements or if I’m a double agent, secretly working for the “other” guys since my answer is a bit…on the egoist side, but….

    My beat up and overburdened desk, the bookcases full of books on writing, drawing and filmmaking, my art and office supplies, all the goals lists taped on the wall and written in notebooks, post it notes with ideas for everything from stories to Christmas wish lists, scraps of papers and other office supply junk scattered around, a large coffee mug sitting on the desk in front of me full of hot coffee, the little trinkets to inspire strategically positioned where i can barely see them, the cork board with pictures of what I’d like to do and have, the other board with my rejection letters, my ancient dry-eraser calendar with ink stains that wont erase, my unorganized files, my printed and beat up WIP fantasy novel, my binders full of notes for my next WIP, affirmations written on index cards taped to the wall….

    All these things put together are beautiful to me…because together, they represent my most heart-felt dreams.

    And dreams are beautiful.

  4. crazy – but yesterday I was struck by the beauty of my newly painted toes. strange how something so smelly can be so shiny and red 🙂

  5. Great post. “Poetry and purpose” 🙂

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