This is your big chance to ask anything you want about the exciting secret world of Brian D. Buckley, Esq.! Why, the opportunities are limitless!

You could ask for my insightful, penetrating analysis of global current events:

What are your thoughts on the new Dark Knight Rising trailer?


…or you could ask about my work habits:

How can you dedicate forty minutes of every day to rambling, egotistical blatherskite?

Sheer, ironclad discipline.

…or about my political views:

Who should be the next President of the United States?

Donald Trump’s hair.

You could ask something deeply personal:

Have you ever had a chicken gizzard surgically grafted to your endocrine system?


…or just blatantly use me to do your homework:

To what extent can the modern-day Republic of Turkey be considered a successor state of the Ottoman Empire, and what role did Mustafa Kemal Atatürk play in the transition?


Okay, but seriously, here’s the deal. Between now and next Wednesday, May 9, ask me any question you want in the comments. Then next Thursday, I’ll post actual, legitimate answers, right here at the Buckley Blog.

And, GO!


14 responses to “Ask Brian ANYTHING!

  1. Opinion question: Which do you think is the more current relevant language C++ or C#? C# is newer obviously, but in your experience is it as powerful as applications written in C++? Do you think C++ will be around for another 10 years or so?

  2. You would help me with my homework? That would be totally sweet… If I had any.

    For now, though:

    Is the question “What is the most useful question and it’s answer?” the most useful question there is?

  3. Did you ever think about becoming a full time writer?

  4. If you were to pick any character from any Star Trek series or movies to interview, who would it be? Bear in mind you have to take into account personalities, for instance if you ask Q a question he might just laugh and transform you into a cucumber.

  5. Whats your opinion on messages written on t-shirts? 😛

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