Friday Links

I’ve already gotten two great questions on yesterday’s Ask Brian Anything. Still plenty of time to get yours in. Questions can be as weird, obscure, personal, or profound as you like, on absolutely any subject whatsoever, so ask yours now!

Next up, the new trailer for Dark Knight Rises. If you haven’t already clicked Play, I don’t know what else I can tell you:

On a different note, somewhat less apocalyptically grim, you may also enjoy the Stormtrooper Shuffle.

(Really, Firefox? You’ve never heard of “apocalyptically”? You need more creative programmers. Though to be fair, your spelling suggestion “apocalyptic ally” is epic enough to make up for it.)

Nedroid this week offers a phenomenal webcomic about database hacking. Probably the most realistic depiction I’ve ever seen.

Finally, if you didn’t catch the thrilling conclusion to Ben Trube’s very own Fractal Week, now’s your chance! Watch as he builds a three-dimensional Sierpinski Pyramid out of marshmallows. Delicious!

The link above also features a sketch I drew of Mr. Trube engaged in deadly combat with a fractal. My drawing features arcane mathematical humor and unnecessary alliteration. Who could resist?

Have a great weekend! Go watch The Avengers, it’s out today! See you on Monday!


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