The Sentry

look on my duck, ye mighty, and despair

One morning two weeks ago, I stepped outside and noticed a duck standing at the peak of our roof, gazing over the neighborhood like a sentry. I snapped a photo. (No charge for the low resolution or graininess – those bonus features come absolutely free!)

Ducks are such strange animals. They somehow look ridiculous and regal at the same time, like a king and a jester rolled into one. They’re among the few creatures that are equally at home in the water, on land, or flying in the air, yet you get the feeling they haven’t really mastered any of these elements.

Kind of like humans, now that I think about it.

Mallard ducks are not exactly a rare sight in Ohio, but in many parts of the world they’d be very unusual. Likewise, the animals you see every day may seem ordinary to you, but not so ordinary to others. So tell me: what creatures keep watch over your neighborhood?

12 responses to “The Sentry

  1. Coyotes, bears, quail, marmots, deer… I live a long ways out of town, on the side of an mountain. You name it, it’s trundling about.

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