Friday Links


A new study suggests that psychopaths are not as good at smelling as the rest of us. Apparently the same region of the brain that handles empathy also does a pretty sweet job of sniffing things? The article declined to comment on why the photo of little Jimmy, shown above, was chosen to represent the psychopathic community; I’ll let you connect the dots.

Correction: Jimmy is not a psychopath.

This editor’s note from a recent issue of Vogue is one of the best corrections I’ve ever seen. I love the casual tone, like it was just some slight mistake that anyone could have made. “Oh, that’s your job? I get those two confused all the time.”

Dancing with the Stars.

So how about Kate Mulgrew’s husband ran for Governor of Ohio in 2002? Big galaxy, small world. (Non-Trekkies: nothing to see here, move along.)

There's just something about the love between a dog and a bouncy surface.

A video of a bulldog doing somersaults on a trampoline. That is all.

black magic

A randomly-generated tree fractal, different every time you refresh the page. More HTML 5 voodoo.

canis jellybeanis

The Oatmeal has an unusually heartwarming comic about owning a dog, called The Dog Paradox. (Language NSFW, heartwarming or not.)

We couldn't afford a good photo of books, so here you go.

I check the webcomic “A Softer World” every day, but I don’t often (ever?) link to it. This comic, however, is too perfect to pass up.

xkcd: where only women have hair

Meanwhile, xkcd has a unique perspective on Hollywood.


Finally, Buttersafe offers up the most poignant comic about giant flying snake monsters you will ever see.

Have a stellar weekend. See you Monday!

2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Love the correction. Classic.

    Also, my 5yo son can identify individual ingredients in a meal based on smell alone. Therefore, I’m going to categorically state that he is not a psychopath. Yay science!

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