Halloween Spider

If he jumps on your face, that means he likes you.

Betsy and I are hosting a costume party this Halloween, so we’re getting decorations ready. On our latest excursion yesterday, I picked up some poster board from Walmart and drew this guy with permanent marker. (Click photo to enlarge.)

I used this spider photo as a model, though of course I took some artistic liberties. What do you think? Creepy enough? I may do a jack-o’-lantern or a ghost later, if I have time.

Got any plans for Halloween?

10 responses to “Halloween Spider

  1. I like it! Creepy, but not overly creepy. Anyway, myself, I’m just trying to make a decision on what to be. I’ve thrown around a few ideas, but unlike some of my friends I don’t plan out my Halloween costumes five years in advance. I probably won’t even dress up after this year.

  2. I think it would work nicely for a Halloween party! For Halloween I will probably write a flash fiction horror story for fun and then do some work. That’s probably about it. I really don’t do much outside of my regular routine, honestly.

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