Ask Brian Anything!

I’ve been yammering on this blog for an awful long time now. I figure, maybe it’s your chance to talk.

So here’s the deal: between now and the end of the month, ask me absolutely anything you want! I will answer every single question I get. (Limit one per customer. Ahem.)

I’ve done this once before, and y’all asked plenty of questions. We got a question on programming, a question on Star Trek, a question about how I met my wife, and even a question about questions.

This time, as before, the sky is the limit. What am I saying? The multiverse is the limit, where the multiverse is defined as everything that is a thing and/or not a thing. Ask me about the new Hobbit movie, or artificial intelligence, or my silver 2006 base-model four-cylinder Honda Accord, or the Wheel of Time and its last book which comes out January 8, or the relationship between pi and Euler’s number, or wombats, or…

You get the picture.

Leave your questions right here in the comments section of this post. The deadline is November 30.

My life is an open book. What do you want to know?

11 responses to “Ask Brian Anything!

  1. Okay Brian, I know you’re the right person to ask this question:

    “Are we living in a computer simulation?”

    Some potential source material and my inspiration for the question:

  2. Let’s give you an all encompassing question.

    “Where do you see the United States in 20 years?”

    Will it still be a world superpower? Or more like the British empire past its prime with waning power over the rest of the world?

    Where do you see the US citizens? Happy? Prosperous? are we a Plutocracy? an Oligarchy? how’s the wage gap? how’s our civil rights record looking?

    Feel free to include any an all ideas that you have on the future, the previous were just suggestions and not mandates.

  3. Love it. My question is:

    What is the one question you wouldn’t answer honestly, no matter what?

  4. A few hours after midnight… I hope it’s not too late!

    We’re reading Much Ado About Nothing in English class… and I have homework. Mind, uh, helping?

    “Read Dogberry’s speaking parts in Act II, scene iii and answer: How does he mess up or confuse his words and what effect does it have on the play and what does it reveal about his character?”

  5. Through what lens do you craft your answers?

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