Merry Christmas!

This is what Christmas looks like at our house:


For those who celebrate Christmas: what are you giving this year?

For those who don’t: what’s the next holiday you’re looking forward to?

4 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Looks good. While I’m not celebrating Christmas, I am looking forward to New Years. I get to see Hiromi and spend a good couple of days with family and friends.
    I just thought of something random. Do you still have your hamster? if I recall correctly his name was Bowser and he was fierce. πŸ™‚

  2. Most of the things I’m getting for people are either edible or read-able. Some of them bought, some home-made. The list includes:
    -A philosophy book about The Walking Dead
    -Some really hard-to-find lollipops
    -Cookies, bread, and other baked goods
    -Poetry, written by myself
    -Posters/things to put on the wall
    -Music/sheet music/original compositions

    You can’t really go wrong with food or music. And everyone likes to read… right?

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