Check Out This Little Dude

What is this guy? He’s a tarsier, one of the smallest primates on the planet. They live on the islands of southeast Asia: the Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, and thereabouts.

If they look cute (and they do), consider that they are the only completely carnivorous primate in the world – although in their case, “carnivorous” mostly means they eat bugs. God bless Wikipedia, it says they catch insects, quote, “by jumping at them.” That sounds amazing.

The coolest thing about them by far, though, is those giant eyeballs. Supposedly each eyeball is the same size as its entire brain.

I like italics. Here, have another tarsier picture.

Despite what you’d think from the photos, they’re mostly nocturnal.

Why are they called “tarsiers,” you (probably aren’t) wondering? Great question! The name comes from the elongated tarsus bones in their feet.

Speaking of elongated, check out the tail on this little dude:

Wikipedia also claims, “Scientists are interested in these animals because of their unique taxonomic position in the order Primates.” Bollocks. Scientists are interested in them because they are adorable.

Some of you may have noticed by now that I have blatantly just copied a Wikipedia article and called it a blog post. I REGRET NOTHING TARSIERS ARE AMAZING here, watch a video of a tarsier eating a cricket. For science.

In conclusion: tarsiers.

Tell me, what cool animal do you think is underappreciated?


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