A Poem For Wednesday

I see
rose-colored stars the size of basketballs,
violet rays spinning like dervishes,
cloudbursts ebbing to explode again
and then again, tracing swift nebulae
on all the parsec breadth of that
stern and sable canvas.
I see
sounds, the artful decibels twisting
to plunge across my retinas, painting
the rustle of furtive phantoms
who flee in serried bands
from the black, blind nightmare hunters
thundering like dark aurorae
through the aether.
They will ask
what it means, seeking idly for allegory,
pondering how to forge a syllogism
from axioms of spirit: but the sun
is not yet risen, and in the strange hour
when sleep yet lingers on the waking world,
we may sometimes forget to mean
and only see.

3 responses to “A Poem For Wednesday

  1. Beautiful! It allows the reader to form their own picture, which is nonetheless very clear and interesting.

    But I have to ask: When are you going to talk about The Hobbit? I was slightly disappointed Monday, then I assumed you were just waiting a few days or something. But now I must question your silence.

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚

      I went to see The Hobbit on Friday, but about halfway through I got very sick and had to walk out. Guessing it was food poisoning. Anyway, I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, so I didn’t think it would be fair to do a post on it. To be honest I wasn’t especially impressed with what I did see, especially the scenes with Radagast, but overall it seemed pretty decent.

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