Start at the Bottom, and Read Up

Otherwise, nothing will make sense.

Yet together, they can build a new viewpoint, a new observation deck for your personal universe. And sooner or later, you’ll need a new viewpoint.

Small changes.

If you normally watch TV, switch it off and build something with your hands. Or if you don’t watch TV, turn it on for once, let yourself unwind a little.

Go to the produce section of the grocery store, and pick some vegetable you’ve never heard of. Try it and see what you think.

So if you feel like a cog in the machine, why not find out what happens when you turn the opposite way?

A gear turns not by a single, supreme push, but by the cumulative action of many small teeth.

Mail a real, paper letter to an old friend. Take a different route to work today.

Something simple, but still different enough to wake you up, to make you realize that life is not merely a series of routines. It is a stream of moments, and each moment is a kind of choice.

Write a blog post starting at the bottom, and going up.

Eat a different breakfast, or change your e-mail font.

To break that cycle, to open the gate toward a bigger transformation, why not start with something little?

The universe is a branching path of infinite possibility, yet we often feel like we’ve fallen into a rut. We feel trapped. Every day is the same.

Small changes matter.

2 responses to “Start at the Bottom, and Read Up

  1. It’s nice to break from tradition now and then and twist our minds around.

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