Friday Links: With Bonus Audiobook Goodness


Funny story. After my Memory of Light postmortem last week, I was contacted by Esther Bochner, publicist for Macmillan Publishers, who has an audiobook of the novel. She wondered if I’d be willing to share a clip of the audiobook with my readers. In fact, I would. The clip is about five minutes long, from the beginning of Chapter 3. You can download the mp3, for free, right here. If you like what you hear, you can always grab the full audiobook.

I listened to the clip myself, the first time I’d heard any of the Wheel of Time audiobooks (or realized they existed). The cool thing for me was learning how the names are pronounced. I’d been saying Mazrim Taim as “TAME,” but it’s “tah-EEM.” Live and learn.


An Australian website reports that, for Adobe’s Creative Suite Master 6 Collection, it’s actually cheaper to fly to the U.S. and buy the software, than to get it locally in Australia. That’s messed up.


Meet Ten Thousand Cents, the online art project that is all about the Benjamin. They took an image of the $100 bill, broke it into 10,000 tiny rectangles, and crowd-sourced the drawing of each one. Since they paid each micro-artist a penny for their trouble, the whole $100 bill cost them $100 to make. It’s fun to browse.


Watch a time-lapse video of the recent snowpocalypse in Connecticut. So…much…white…


And finally, Two Guys and Guy has a good role model for editors of aspiring writers.

Have an exemplary weekend, Hypothetical Reader. See you on Monday!

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