Friday Links & Survey Results

First! The results of the survey:


Cool! Thanks to everyone who answered. Of course, it’s still my blog, so I’m still going to foist my poems and stories on you. (Suffering builds character.) But I’m glad to see so many of you interested in the philosophy and AI, since those are very near my heart as well – and I always worry I’m boring you when I wander into those topics. I’ll take this as a mandate to filosofize moar.

On to the links!


Strange doings are afoot in the world of Excel, and Spreadsheet Oddities has them covered. My favorite? In Excel 2007, bring up Help and search for “pray” to find this:


Sadly, this little gem has been removed in Excel 2010.


Is this the face of Skynet? Johnny Depp will play a powerful, worldwide artificial intelligence in the upcoming film Transcendence. Release tentatively set for 2014. No word yet on whether he’ll shout “Why is the RAM gone?!”


And finally: PvP this week was simply brilliant, and since it’s Friday, you deserve a double helping. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

Buckley out.

2 responses to “Friday Links & Survey Results

  1. “Why is the RAM gone?!”

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