Friday Links


Did your parents ever put hydrogen peroxide on your cuts as a kid? Did it burn like a mofo? And did they happen to mention that hydrogen peroxide doesn’t actually disinfect cuts? Yeah, turns out, it’s good for killing bacteria on countertops, but not so much on skin. It can even inflame the wound, making it take longer to heal. H2O2 sucks, pass it on.


The next time someone insists that video games – or TV, or some musical genre – will unravel America’s moral fiber, just remember, people say that about every new thing. Everything? Everything. According to author Geoffrey Nunberg, paper mail in the 1850s “was alarming to moralists who complained that the postal system in general promoted promiscuity, illicit assignations, and the distribution of pornography.” Maybe the sky is not, in fact, falling?


So, this exists: “Hey girl, did you lose a timestamp? Because I’m pretty sure it’s DateTime.Now()”


Sinfest offers its take on the “Sensitive Dudebro Coming of Age Film.” It’s sad how many movies can be reduced to these four panels.


Meanwhile, QC takes on weddings. This happens to me every. Single. Time.

Thanks for playing along, Hypothetical Reader! See you Monday, and have a weekend of mythological proportions.

2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. I don’t watch TV and haven’t been to an adult film since my children were born so I first say Ryan Gosling in the memes from a girl that knits and sews and now this one… It just makes me laugh and wonder why him and not someone else? I’m checking out the other links you offer asap, Thanks, lovely weekend to you too, Alexandra

    • Hi Alexandra! Why they picked Ryan Gosling, I’m not sure. Just funny I guess.

      By the way – in English, “adult film” usually means “pornographic film,” so be careful where you say it. 😉 But your English is still much better than my Spanish. Muchas gracias por leyendo!

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