On Saying Goodbye

The snow has not yet fallen. Our intertwined
fingers find needful solace
in the tightness of affection;
and delaying the kiss
that will end it, I perceive
that love is like sleeping.
My dreams glide into yours
and meet in the halo of our intertwined
vision – I am sleeping,
and though I know that December
apart is livable (for I have breathed
the icy air before, and found it
non-toxic) – though I know this, I delay,
clinging to the melting moments of our intertwined
whispers – for, like any sleeper,
what I fear is not consciousness, but

(I wrote this November 29, 2006.)


5 responses to “On Saying Goodbye

  1. “…what I fear is not consciousness, but waking.” BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, Alexandra

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