Friday Links

Trailer for the Ender’s Game movie! W00t!

Not sure what I think yet…could be good, but I’m not 100% sold. We’ll see.


Harvard’s created a flying robot, modeled loosely on insect anatomy, no larger than a quarter. Extremely light, highly mobile, potentially very cheap. Details and video!

yay text

A short essay proposing dead children as a unit of currency. The thesis is deliberately shocking, but he’s making a real (and kind-hearted) point about charity and opportunity costs. This is actually fairly close to the way I think about things, and it gets to the heart of my post on Monday, The Perils of Virtue.


xkcd proposes an alternate use for quadrotors.

dark hanners

And Questionable Content turns to the Dark Side. Uh, briefly.

That’s that, Hypothetical Reader. You may be a construct of my solipsistic hallucinations, but I like you all the same. This weekend, go forth and be excellent, and we’ll meet again three days hence!

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